Neil Anderson

Head of NSPCC Northern Ireland

Neil Anderson is NSPCC’s senior representative in Northern Ireland, leading on all aspects of the Society’s work here, and with overall responsibility for the charity’s direct services for children and families.

Neil commenced his career and working life as a qualified teacher, working in a Belfast Primary School. After gaining further professional qualifications, Neil moved to the private sector where he worked for 11 years in Training and Development and Human Resource Management roles. During his time in the private sector Neil worked for well-known businesses including, the Ford Motor Company and Nortel. Neil returned to Education again in 2001 working for CCEA (Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment). Neil joined CCEA as their Human Resources Manager and in 2005 he moved internally to take over operational management of qualifications and assessment. Neil then took on the overall leadership and management responsibility for the whole of CCEA in 2007.

In June 2010 he joined the NSPCC as its National Head for Northern Ireland.