Marianne O’ Kane, LLB, MBA

Public Prosecution Service

After studying law at QUB and qualifying as a solicitor in 1993, I spent five years in general practice and thereafter joined the public sector, initially working as a civil lawyer.

In 2002, I moved to the Office of the DPP as a Senior Prosecutor, taking prosecution decisions in a wide range of cases and subsequently delivering induction training programmes to newly recruited lawyers. Since first being appointed to an Assistant Director post in 2007, I have held managerial roles in High Court and International Section, Policy Section, Eastern Region. In 2015/16 I was responsible for establishing and managing the Serious Crime Unit, which has lead responsibility for prosecuting a range of serious offences, including all sexual offences, homicide and human trafficking cases and for policy development in these areas.

Since April 2018, I have held the post of Acting Senior Assistant Director, with oversight responsibility for the Serious Crime Unit and Regions.