Brian Grzymek

Deputy Director of Criminal Law and Policy, Department of Justice

Brian Grzymek joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service in 1980, undertaking a number of policy related roles in the then DHSSPS. He variously led innovative work on community care policy, ran the Department’s policy review unit and latterly was responsible for the strategic development of hospital services - leading work on the major policy reviews ‘Putting it Right’ and ‘Developing Better Services.’

Brian moved to the NIO in 2002 where he assumed responsibility for the oversight of a wide range of criminal justice services, holding policy responsibility for youth justice, compensation, probation and a number of other areas. Following devolution of policing and justice he led work on a cross-cutting initiative to reduce offending in Northern Ireland as well as retaining policy responsibility for Youth Justice, Probation, Forensic Science, the Parole Commissioners, the Prisoner Ombudsman and the Northern Ireland Women Offenders Strategy.

In 2014 he changed role, to assume strategic responsibility for the justice aspects of ‘legacy of the past’, and has since taken over responsibility for criminal justice policy and legislation as well as leading work on Problem Solving Justice.